Our Approach - Radical Respect and Advanced Appreciation for Clients - A Passion for the Practical

Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Positive leadership pioneer

As external consultants and coaches, we:

  • Listen for what you need rather than fitting you into a pre-conceived box.
  • Look for your best-your strengths and achievements- appreciate you for those, and build change on them.
  • Bring focused, positive, relevant, practical approaches, based on clients' successful changes.
  • Ask tough questions-supportively-to help you succeed.
  • Challenge the boundaries of your thinking.
  • Customize approaches and solutions to your needs and culture.
  • Provide a system to update communication habits for greater success in new economy change.
  • Catalyze the deeper use of talents and skills to strengthen your change.
  • Help you get better results by applying updated communication habits to real work immediately, with feedback and implementation coaching.
  • Work with you at every stage of the project, keep you closely informed.
  • Use a combined quality and systems approach to get to the heart of complex issues quickly.
  • Combine insightful multi-disciplinary analysis and speedy solutions.
  • Develop creative win-win solutions quickly.
  • Create faster better change results, with less trauma and employee downtime.