Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Positive leadership pioneer

Confidentiality: Provided to All Clients

Meetings with individuals are kept confidential, not repeated to anyone. We encourage – and will facilitate if needed – open communication in your organization, yet we know that we can not substitute for you. We put your company name on our client list and may ask you to provide references for us. Client records are only on computer hard drives not connected to the web. We do not discuss any plans, products or issues with anyone outside your company. (Note: This is different from a prevailing trend for consultants to share client stories with each other.)

Anonymity Option

Some executives who deal with sensitive issues prefer to have no one know they are seeking outside assistance. For an additional fee, we do not let anyone know we are working with your company. Your company never appears on our client list. Of course, these clients also receive confidentiality as described above.