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Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
positive leadership pioneer

About Dr. Linne Bourget, the Practical Positive Leadership Futurist:

-Ph.D., Boston University, including courses at Harvard and MIT, in positive change leadership, a field she invented while getting her doctorate. Includes expertise in leadership power, change, group dynamics, communications and more. She consulted to a Fortune 500 firm in positive leadership while still in graduate school.

-M.A., Psychology, Boston University

-M.B.A., and B.A., Economics, The University of Chicago, focusing on comparative economic systems and their impact on behavior: China, Russia, Japan, the U.S.
As an undergraduate, she predicted the collapse of Communism in Russia under its own economic weight and wrote papers on Japanese management style, years ahead if its' popularity.

-Fourth-generative intuitive from age 2, combining highly rigorous intellect and intuition as a teachable, learnable partnership for leaders.

-Major focus now: The Power Shift, The Five Dangerous Trends and Four Unprecented Demands on Leaders. Leaders who do not make the Power Shift from Old Power to New Power will be behind the Power Curve.

-New book:  From Old Power to New Power: Which Leaders Will Survive?

-Creator of New Power Systems for Leaders, all with strong track records, as Dr. Bourget saw in advance what would be needed:

  1. Positive, Powerful, Practical Systems for Leadership, including vision, planning, delegation, communication for change, teams, startups, endings, and more.
  2. The Master Intuition System for Leaders, learn to see what is coming and predict, profit and protect.

These systems add massive value to companies. Leaders are in a tough spot and need advanced systems to survive.

Over 25 years of experience consulting to senior executives to speed results, solve problems, heal crises, and help them come unstuck without coming unglued, so change can move forward quickly and easily to achieve great results while saving time and money and increasing buy-in from all involved.

Specializes in very fast positive change and turnarounds without suffering - change without tears!

Approach based on radical respect and rubber-meets-the-road strengths-based positive leadership systems.

Author: What You Say Is What You Get ®books, audios, questionnaires, on Products and Services page.

Dr. Bourget is listed in bestsellers The One Minute Millionaire & Cracking the Millionaire Code by Chicken Soup for the SoulĀ® co-creator Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen as a reviewer/advisor for early drafts.


*"Beyond the Leading Edge" Radio Show, only guest, one-hour show
*"Money Wise" Television Show-Two Appearances, only guest, half-hour show
*"Kaleidoscope" Television Show, only guest, half-our show
*"NBC Phoenix radio, only guest, one-hour show

Personal Note and Testimonial from radio host:

Dr. Linne, I really appreciated you being on the show today and just have to share - you're a fantastic GUEST!

You made it so easy to focus on your content, message and supporting you in the process...

Thanks for being on! I look forward to having you on again in the future...

Dan Kuschell, NBC Phoenix Radio Host, prosperitybasedliving.com

"Dr. Linne Bourget is the consummate pro. She is extremely well prepared and a great guest for any audience young and old. Her educational and inspirational message is a winning combination. As a true testament, listeners have contacted us wanting her on again!"

Dan Kuschell, NBC Phoenix Radio Host, prosperitybasedliving.com

DR Linne on CNN CNN radio show March 2010 only guest, half-hour, on her pioneering work on strengths-based leadership--leading from your best. Includes specific client examples