Dr. Bourget Bio

Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
positive leadership pioneer

Dr. Bourget, leadership futurist, is the national pioneer in positive appreciative strengths-based change leadership systems for rapid change, consulting with executives in business, government, and health care for 25 years. Her firm, The Institute for Transformation Leaders & Consultants, in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides practical, positive, collaborative, easier, faster, Build on Your Best results-friendly systems for:

  • Predicting corporate futures with the Master Intuition System for power & profit.
  • Seeing the future of Leadership Power, what works and does not work.
  • Implementing faster easier change and results, strengthening results & people.
  • Leading with a Positive Strengths-based Language System for change and quality.
  • Deepening strengths-based leadership roles, styles, transitions, & executive development.
  • Vision-based strategic and action planning for faster better results and more fun!
  • FAST, positive, strengths-based synergistic meetings, and teams.
  • Positive interactive delegation, based on vision and strengths.
  • Creating positive powerful corporate cultures, growth, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Using differing strengths to speed greater success & positive problem-solving.
  • Positive quality cross-functional, customer and partner relationships.
  • Building a new Employment Social Contract for better retention & lower costs.
  • Integrating quality management efforts with positive transformational leadership systems.

Dr. Bourget combines analytical, multidisciplinary strategic thinking with systematic intuition and a dynamic positive approach. Her values: Integrity, caring, clarity, professionalism, reliability, responsiveness, creative solutions, and building change on the best in each leader and company. Clients describe her as: "Clear, bright, optimistic, practical, powerful, creative, straightforward, sincere, professional, supportive, respectful, a force for change".

A partial client list: Digital Equipment Corporation (now HP) , DuPont, The American Red Cross, The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Franciscan Health,, BioTechnology General, Wyeth, Shire, The National Institutes of Health, and the U. S. Defense Communications Agency. She has taught at Boston University, Boston College, The Radcliffe Institute, Suffolk University, and the Federal Executive Institute.

Dr. Bourget's practical Ph.D. in Change Leadership (with studies at Harvard and MIT) and M.A. in Psychology are from Boston University. She has a University of Chicago M.B.A. & B.A. in Economics. She worked her way through four degrees, making the academic practical. She has over twenty years of experience in public speaking, has appeared on television and radio, and has spoken at many client and professional conferences in the USA and Europe.

Dr. Bourget belongs to the U. S. and International Organization Transformation Networks and is listed in Who's Who Among Human Services Professionals. With many articles, book chapters, and books, her strengths-based leadership book is What You Say Is What You Get® The Secret Language of Great Business Results, endorsed by Warren Bennis, and Mark Victor Hansen, of Chicken Soup for The Soul® fame. Related questionnaires: Your Positive Quotient (PQ)® and Appreciative Quotient (AQ)®. Her newest book: From Old Power to New Power - Which Leaders Will $urvive, with the foreword by Warren Bennis? She is the daughter of a military officer, has moved over 40 times in a life of constant change, and is a 4th-generation intuitive. She is a founding and the longest running member of Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Inner Circle

What Is Unique About Dr. Linne Bourget, Corporate Leadership Futurist
& Positive Leadership/Change Trailblazer?

Founder/CEO of ITLC, Institute for Transformation Leaders
& Consultants, and Whatyousayiswhatyouget.com

  1. Was the first in the U.S. to create positive leadership communication and change for great results. Persisted, wrote trailblazing Ph.D. thesis on appreciation of strengths for change despite rejection and criticism. Created all of her own work, based on strong values of profound respect and appreciation, and client feedback. Positive, dynamic, interesting, highly professional!

  2. Designed for clients unique practical Build On Your Best positive, strengths-based leadership and culture systems and tools: Vision, planning, culture, a leadership language for change, marketing communications, delegation, feedback and change, all tied to better, faster, easier results, while strengthening all involved. Focus on practical applications. E. g. Quickly see and describe best strengths of your executive team, to put them to better use.

  3. Cares about clients' success, looks for the best in you, deepens your power as a basis for your company's success. Can see what you see and feel what you feel. Creates sustainable success roadmaps to Build on Your Best.

  4. Asks big questions, is a relentless independent multidisciplinary thinker, trained to think in Economics (B.A.) and Business (M.B.A.) at the University of Chicago, M.A, in Psychology, and Ph.D. in Change Leadership from Boston University with work at Harvard & MIT.

  5. As a leadership futurist specializing in the Future of Leadership Power, and the transformation from Old Power to New Power, combining rigorous intellect and lifelong intuition to see your best options, future trends, gives you New Power Systems and Skills, "Giving You the Power to Predict & Profit".

  6. Raised internationally, multi-culturally, bilingually, honors, respects and appreciates other cultures.

  7. Found her purpose in her twenties, stayed with it. Worked her way through all four degrees, integrating practical applications with theory. National expert, master strategist, professional consultant, and speaker, trained as a leadership change agent. Her M.B.A. & practical Ph.D. are in applied change leadership.

  8. Bridges corporate and entrepreneurial worlds - more benefits for you! Has extensive training in holistic health and stress management, the power of energy/ the mind, & career/professional development. Seven consultants in one!

  9. Creates new positive roads to your goals, rather than limiting choices to negative knowns. Designs multiple layers of benefits and advantages for your investment of time and money. Your executive teams can reach higher levels of success quickly and easily, without the resistance and limits of traditional problem-solving.

  10. Authored the most practical user-friendly positive leadership book ever, What You Say Is What You Get®: The Secret Language of Great Business Results! A power-packed unique format includes amazing stories and rubber meets the road how-to's to meet your challenges! Endorsed by Warren Bennis, Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul® fame, and others!

  11. Began the Master Intuition System for business leaders 25 years ago. Despite skepticism, created a proven track record teaching it to executive clients. Fourth-generation intuitive, built a learnable reliable system. Intuitive solutions for much faster breakthroughs. This accurate Intuition System accelerates and strengthens all work with clients, gives clients a strategic advantage over competitors. "Giving You the Power to Predict, Profit, and Protect".

  12. Keeps confidentiality fiercely and consistently, has a thorough system. Works to maintain low profile, not a media chaser, has anonymity option for clients. Gives you the option of being the only one in your industry to learn the Master Intuition System.
"Without full knowledge of your best,
you have only half the truth - the worst half."
Dr. Linne's Positive Power Quote


Letter to Prospective Clients from Dr. Bourget

The match between a coach/consultant and clients is vitally important. Over the years, I have learned how clients perceive me and what types of clients I work with most successfully.

Clients use these terms to describe me: Clear, bright, caring, committed, straightforward, positive, optimistic, powerful, highly professional, creative, sincere, honest, disciplined, open-minded, respectful, non-judgmental, a force for change, and a healing presence.

My values and ethics lead me to do what is best for the client: Two long-term client (6 and 13 years) relationships started with my saying no to actions proposed by clients. In one case I turned back a contract because the work would have created a backlash preventing the desired results. After the initial shock (a consultant turning down work??!!), the client was greatly relieved, and we created highly successful alternatives. In the other case, we did the necessary preparation so that a reorganization would not cripple the fragmented organization, as it would have if done immediately, as the client first requested. The reorganization was successful. Both clients went on to significantly greater career success.

I work best with clients who are: Committed to their own and their organization's success, strong, willing to learn, aware that they need to keep learning, open to new approaches, bright, able to translate ideas into action, and open to combining different perspectives for greater success.

When we work together, please be prepared to:

  • Work on the leading edge of practical and deeply positive approaches to change.
  • Be respected as highly capable of learning and success.
  • Push out the envelope of your beliefs and skills for greater levels of success.
  • Learn how to create a new economy culture for faster, better results.