Our Vision & Values at the Institute for Transformation Leaders and Consultants

Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Positive leadership pioneer

Have you ever wanted a consultant who could see beyond the limits of your everyday world to give you a strategic advantage?

ITLC is the only consulting firm offering leaders and consultants a clear window to the future of leadership power and success, based on a strong, proven, rigorous, Intellect-Intuition partnership.


At ITLC, our purpose is to:

  1. Prepare leaders and consultants for the current and future challenges.
  2. Support leaders and consultants with much easier, faster transformation strategy, systems and tools for better results with less stress. This includes:
  • Understanding unprecedented demands on leaders.
  • Clarifying for leaders the Power Shift from Old Power to New Power.
  • Providing leaders with FAST(Frameworks, Attitudes, Systems & Tools) ways to survive and succeed, far beyond the current knowns.
  • Basing all we do on paradigms for the future, vastly different from usual models and tools.
  • Leveraging our experience as the first to develop FAST powerful positive appreciative strengths-based systems for all aspects of leadership, over 25 years ago, for your success.
  • Creating the What You Say Is What You Get® line of products and services for leaders to capture the best power of every word you say. Every word out of your mouth either makes money or loses money for your company. We show you how to use the power of words to make money instead of losing money, via planning, visioning, delegation, feedback, speaking, teams/meetings, startups, endings, problem-solving, and much more….
  • Offering the Master Intuition System started in the early 1980s for leaders, with over 100,000 data points, applicable to all areas of business, including R&D.

Values and Operating Principles - We have a Passion for the Practical!

  • With dignity, respect, integrity, and clarity, ITLC offers leaders committed to greater success a working relationship with clients in which we:
  • Are honest, reliable, responsive, timely, client-service oriented.
  • Provide futuristic leading-edge systems in conservative responsible ways.
  • Offer thoughtful multidisciplinary excellence, rapid high-quality solutions.
  • Bring you positive alternatives immediately rather than more familiar negative "fix what's wrong" approaches.
  • Bring the service, involvement, and upfront planning for excellence aspects of the quality management to every project.
  • Work only in our areas of expertise, training and experience.
  • Stick to our role as advisors, strategists, external consultants and trainer/coaches, not decision-makers or staff. We respect your role.
  • Walk our talk, modeling what we bring.
  • Help you integrate what we bring with your work, now.
  • Care enough about your success to tell you the truth-with deep positive support.
  • Involve you throughout, honoring your expertise and experience.
  • Blend our expertise and perspectives with yours, intentionally using the differences to create far better solutions.
  • Bring enthusiasm, energy, confidence, and fun to our work with you.
  • Have a sense of adventure and humor. Dr. Bourget trained a cat to go down a loft ladder backward, so he would not keep falling on his head when he tried to go down head-first. It took 15 minutes. He went down backward every time after that. That got you thinking, didn't it?

Our Charitable Focus

Charitable donations are made from profits from each product and project. For each corporate consulting project, we donate to a client's preferred approved charity in their name if they wish.

Green Since the 1970s

We are "green", extensively re-using and/or recycling paper, cartridges and computer hard drives. We donate computers to a local institute that donates them to financially disadvantaged schools. We look for and buy recycled supplies. We minimize and combine trips for office purchasing and use AC mindfully.

Healthy Office

We use lighting that is healthiest, chairs with back support, wrist pads for support, and have only healthy foods and beverages in the office. We open the windows to circulate air and use fans. We are dedicated and work hard but choose not to be workaholics, maintaining our health and energy to bring to you. We work in a positive, collaborative way that maximizes results and minimizes stress.