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Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Positive leadership pioneer

New Audio Products:

We are excited about the release of two new audio albums:

What You Say Is What You Get®: The Secret Language of Great Business Results, 2nd Edition Audio Album 2010 by By Dr. Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.,

What is Really Stopping You from Keeping Top Talent and Implementing Greatness- & Strengths-Based Change for Fast Turnarounds in a Tough Economy?..... Read more >>>

From Old Power to New Power- Which Leaders Will Survive? By Dr. Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D., Audio Album 2010

A 2011 study shows 84% of employees are ready to leave their jobs!...
Read more >>>

This handbook, a letter to leaders from a leadership futurist, reveals the greatest shift for leaders since the start of the Industrial Age,...
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New Book:

New positive leadership book by Dr. Linne Bourget, What You $ay Is What You Get: The Secret Language of Great Business Results, available on the home page for direct link to Amazon.

Dr. Bourget's book presents A powerful Engine and Four Wheels Positive Leadership Language System for faster easier better results, an innovative combination of executive briefings and workshops. Find out how the "Four wheels of change" can take your change from stalled to 70 mph - FAST!

Workshops for Consulants, Coaches and Trainers
Based the "four wheels of change" in our new book, these workshops offer frameworks, beliefs, and skills to transform both your experience and results with change.

New Book coming soon on the Future of Leadership Power!
As a natural futurist, Dr. Bourget sees a Power Shift coming. Leaders are faced with unprecedented challenges and demands. Will you be ahead of or behind on the Power Curve? Sign up for our mailing list to find out when this book comes out. Your career and company may be at risk!

New Training System - The Master Intuition Leadership System
A 5th-generation intuitive, Dr. Bourget integrates her heritage into a teachable, learnable, reliable system with a 25-year track record focused exclusively on how to use intuition for leadership and business success. She emphasizes the Intellect-Intuition partnership, and has used this system over 100,000 times.

You cannot afford to ignore this business resource, your Inner Business Partner! Sign up for our free newsletter to find out when this system is available for your company!.

* Special Approaches for Communiucating For Change

Upcoming Articles:

Articles by Dr. Bourget on various aspects of change will be posted on this website periodically